• A new business that looks familiar

    A new business that
    looks familiar

    Our roots go back to 1859 and the original engineering inspection services. Read about our heritage to find out more.

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  • Achieve compliance and manage risk

    Achieve compliance and
    manage risk

    Our strength is your protection. Our confidence comes from our technical expertise and industry knowledge.

    Engineering Testing Services     Engineering Inspection Services   Engineering Certification Services
  • Taking engineering testing to the next level

    Taking engineering testing
    to the next level

    Our custom built laboratories use advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) and other technologies to detect flaws that can't be seen.

    Engineering Testing Services
  • Delivering nationwide Engineering Testing, Inspection and Certification Services

    Delivering nationwide Engineering
    Testing, Inspection and
    Certification Services

    We have over 450 Engineer Surveyors and Consultant Engineers. Every year they carry out over two million inspections and create 500,000 reports across 60,000 sites throughout the UK.

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    British Engineering Services is delighted to announce the recent acquistion of
    non-destructive testing business Nortest Ltd.

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British Engineering Services Logo

British Engineering Services is an Engineering Testing, Inspection and Certification business based on a rich heritage. We stand alone in our industry with roots that can be traced back to 1859. Our forebears were the companies who created the original engineering inspection services. The strength of our engineering testing, inspection and certification services today is built on these reassuring foundations.

So is our brand. We have taken the lion and shield used by one of our predecessors to denote strength and protection and made them our own. The laurels of success now capture our achievements, leadership and dominance of the engineering inspection market over many years. Independent and proud of it, we have the technical expertise, the knowledge, resources, accreditations and affiliations to provide a premium service to every one of our customers. Our passion is quality. Our focus is on protecting people and businesses.


Use our technology to get better solutions

We are specialists in engineering testing services. Our skilled engineers can detect unseen defects in equipment without damaging a material, component or system. Through our mechanical and pressure testing, non-destructive testing and welding certification services, our customers are better placed to manage risk and enhance the performance and reliability of their equipment and products. Our custom built laboratory in the UK is fully accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) and our engineers are among the best trained in the industry. We are a member of the British Institute of NDT Service Inspection Group, a body that promotes high standards in non-destructive testing and inspection.

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Stay on top of compliance

Our engineering inspection services will help you stay on top of current health and safety legislation. If they don't comply with the law, businesses could be risking a damaged reputation, a fine or even closure. When it comes to inspecting and certifying different plant, equipment or installations, our highly trained Engineer Surveyors provide a reliable, quality service. Knowing that inspections will be carried out on time and that our customers can quickly access an up-to-date report on every item of plant and equipment is reassuring. It helps businesses operate efficiently.

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Take advantage of our expertise

We work with all types of businesses, large and small, across many different industry sectors. Our team of specialist Certification Engineers will provide you with technical services and support when plant is being designed, constructed, installed, commissioned, repaired or refurbished. From carrying out pre-commissioning design approvals and surveys, through to giving technical advice on equipment modifications, to help with understanding why an item has failed an inspection, we are here to help. With our support machinery will be safe to operate and comply with the latest industry legislation.

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British Engineering Services has come a long way since 1859, when our forebears took the first steps in engineering inspection. Since those early days we have been through many transformations.

The originals in risk control