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Welcome to your dedicated Broker area. Here you’ll find useful information about working in partnership with us to provide the best possible engineering inspection solution to your clients.

    Why choose us:

    Our Engineering Testing, Inspection, Certification and Insurance Services help to reduce risk for your clients by achieving statutory compliance within regulations for lifting, pressure, machinery and a broad range of plant and work equipment. Our aim is to provide THE industry benchmark for quality, safety and innovation. We work in collaboration with brokers and their clients to deliver safe, compliant & efficient working environments.

    As a business, we are committed to supporting you with:

    • Over 450 Engineer Surveyors across the country with the skills & experience to service your clients, whatever their sector and wherever they are based throughout the UK
    • A dedicated Broker Sales Team
    • A dedicated Broker Customer Service Team
    • Online Trading capability
    • E-reporting capability for you and your clients; and
    • Certification and Testing capability.

    Find out why over 30,000 customers rely on British Engineering Services by contacting us at

    Why choose us  

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    "Working in partnership with Brokers is an essential part of our business strategy. As such, we strive to provide the perfect balance between service, price & relationship management that will ensure you receive the best and most reliable service from any inspection provider. We’ve worked incredibly hard on our service delivery, which we know in this industry is all important. Our service delivery is our shop window and I know we are giving the best in the market.

    I hope you find this new dedicated Broker area on our site useful, it's been created from feedback we've received from Brokers to help them better understand their clients' inspection requirements. I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you, providing risk management services to your clients."

    Warren Bainbridge
    Head of Business Development - Broker and Insurer
    T: 07554 334 703
    Engineering Inspection

    A Broker's Guide to British Engineering Services

    Engineering Inspection: what Brokers need to know

    When you next market an Engineering Inspection policy you need to ensure that you’ve answered several important questions for an inspection provider to accurately quote for the required services. If for example, your Plant Schedule is complete, it will enable us to provide you with our most competitive terms. Find out everything you need to know in our ‘A Broker’s Guide to British Engineering Services’.

    A Broker's Guide to British Engineering Services

    Understanding your clients’ inspection report

    Making sense of your clients’ inspection reports is a critical part of your role as their Broker. However, we know that grasping all of the information that the Engineer Surveyor has provided your client with following their inspection is not always easy. Our ’Understanding Your Clients’ Inspection Report’ guide will help you effectively explain the key information provided in your client’s inspection report, such as their Defect Rating and Plant Not Available (PNA) description.

    Understanding Your Clients' Inspection Report

    Engineering Insurance

    Did you know we provide combined Engineering Inspection and Engineering Insurance cover?

    To complement your clients' Engineering Inspection contracts, we can offer Sudden and Unforeseen Damage (SUD) engineering insurance cover. Designed to compensate your client in the event of breakdown of an individual item (or multiple items) of plant/machinery. Underwritten by RSA Insurance Group plc, the cover, which is arranged and administered by British Engineering Services Limited, provides protection for:

    • Breakdown
    • Overheating or Frost Damage
    • Accidental damage including impact & toppling; and
    • Explosion and or Collapse.

    For the limits of indemnity, please click on the insurance policy summary link below:

    Read Our Insurance Policy Read Our Insurance Policy Summary


    Broker E-Trading

    As a broker, you can take advantage of our on-line Broker Engineering Rating Tool. This provides a simple solution for brokers to transact Engineering Inspection Services and SUD insurance cover for policies up to £5,000. Functionality includes:

    • Creation and acceptance of new business and renewal quotations
    • Ability to flex commission rates at your discretion
    • Instant access to documentation (including quotations, renewals, policy documents, MTAs, VAT invoices, policy wordings and inspection terms and conditions).

    To find out more about our qualifying criteria and to discuss the benefits of our on-line trading solution in more detail, please contact:

    Julie Ellison, Broker Schemes Manager
    E: M: 07730 689 979

    Online reporting tool

    Client E-Reporting

    E-Report - our web-based reporting tool - is the most valuable asset your clients will ever need. They can read, search, log, find, plan, email or copy all their inspection records. To access E-Report they will be issued with a log on name and secure password.

    To find out more about how E-Report is the easiest inspection reporting system on the market, please click on the link below:

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: When will I receive my renewal documents?

    A: From the end July 2017, at least 5 weeks in advance of the renewal date.

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    Q: How do you calculate commission?

    A: Once we have calculated our net fee to provide inspection services to your client based upon the plant schedule and any other information you have provided, if commission/brokerage is then required by you, we will gross up our fee by the required commission percentage. E.g.: £300 net fee for inspection > commission required at 15% = £352.94 gross of commission, plus VAT.

    Speak to a Broker Business Development Manager

    Q: When will a client’s first inspection take place?

    A: Please see section 3 of our Inspection terms and conditions.

    Speak to a Broker Business Development Manager

    Q: Do you offer Long Term Agreements (LTAs)?

    A: Yes we can and is subject to an individual request.

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    Q: What is a competent person?

    A: Different levels of competency are defined in the Health & Safety Executive regulations. These can cover training, the operation of machinery and daily inspection of working parts.

    In terms of thorough examinations of machinery and plant to find defects likely to cause damage, the competent person is generally defined as:

    A person who has the appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and actual experience of the plant they are examining to enable them to detect defects or weaknesses and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the plant.

    In some regulations, the academic qualifications of a competent person are clearly defined. In others, it is stressed that the competent person must be sufficiently independent and impartial to allow objective decisions to be made.

    This definition of competency for plant examinations has been tested following numerous court cases. It is not sufficient that you have used the item of plant for many years, or if you are the person who regularly maintains the machine. You must have the theoretical knowledge, as well and be sufficiently independent so that no conflict of interest exists.

    For example, if you are the person maintaining the machine you may be unlikely to report any serious defect to the Health & Safety Executive.

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    Useful Documents

    Our Engineering Inspection Guide:

    It can be difficult to keep up with what regulation(s) apply to which type of plant or equipment, when inspections fall due and what they should include. Our easy guide helps you and/or your clients to quickly determine their obligations with at-a-glance frequency inspections charts, answers to technical FAQs and more.

    Inspection Guide

    Read our Terms of Business Agreement's (TOBA's):

    Read our Terms of Business Agreement for both Inspection Services and Insurance by clicking on the link below.

    Unless we have entered into bespoke Terms of Business with you,  standard terms apply for Engineering Inspection and Engineering Insurance.

    TOBA's (Inspection Services)

    TOBA's (Insurance)

    Why choose us
    Inspection Guide
    Plant Identification Guide
    Glossary of Terms

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    Key Contacts

    New Business

    For new business enquiries, whether you currently have an agency account with us or not, please contact our Sales Support Team and ask for  Kathryn Florczak on T: 0161 694 2039, or via email:

    Alternatively, you can speak to your regional Broker Business Development Manager:

    Chris Cassidy: Scotland, Ireland & North of England, T: 07799 658 434 E:

    Sarah Purnell: West Midlands, South West Regions & Wales, T: 07900 164 540 E:


    If your enquiry is regarding the renewal of a contract and for all other existing contract enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Team on
    T: 0345 678 2985 E:


    For an enquiry in regards to our e-trading capability, please contact:

    Julie Ellison, Broker Schemes Manager
    T: 07730 689 979 E:

    Click here to view our Acturis Q and A doc.