Why settle for anything less

How important is UKAS accreditation and what does it mean?

When it comes to engineering inspections, making sure your provider is UKAS accredited is key. Not only does it guarantee a minimum level of technical competence, it also demonstrates compliance with ISO 17020:2012.  Both essential.  Both things you’d hope to see in your engineering inspections partner.

UKAS accreditation acts as a customer guarantee, showing that your supplier has a systematic approach to the business and that regular reviews are being carried out by a Certification Body of integrity.

With UKAS the only accreditation body in the UK, you’d expect to see most, if not all, engineering inspection companies tagged with this status.  However, it’s not a ‘must have’ requirement and some providers are still operating without it.

UKAS provide accreditation at three levels, type A, type B and type C.  Type A is the most independent and impartial level of accreditation and is only awarded to inspection bodies who hold no maintenance or servicing responsibility.  Working with a Type A accredited testing, inspection and certification provider means you’ll get the peace of mind that your engineering inspections are being completed by the right people, with absolutely no internal forces influencing their findings.

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