We’ll manage your transition to us so well, you’ll never need to do it again

At British Engineering Services we really care.  Our drive and our passion for what we do means our customers always come first, no matter what.  We offer a solid, robust approach right from the outset, providing a hands on solution that works time and time again.

The decision to move to a new machinery and equipment inspection provider can be a difficult one and for those operating from multiple locations or with complex requirements, the actual move can be even harder.  At British Engineering Services we’ve got it covered.  Our approach to bringing new customers on board is tried and tested and what’s more, it really works.  With more then 90 new businesses joining us every month, we’ve perfected the transition process, making sure the move to our company is seamless and pain free – from start to finish.

For us it’s simple.  As soon as you’ve decided to make the move, you’ll get all of the support you need.  We’ll work side by side to keep the process moving, making sure you’re all set up and ready for the start of your contract.

In short, we’ve really set the benchmark high when it comes to transitioning your business and here’s why:

  • We have a dedicated transition team, specialist on-boarding team and the very best Account Managers
  • We make sure our Engineer Surveyors are put through a detailed orientation
  • With a 40 point plan, our on-boarding process is proven – time and time again
  • We’ll agree any Customer Specific Requirement (CSR) with you right at the very start
  • We use unique, advanced technology and data insights

It’s important to us that you only have to make the move once, and that’s to us.  We’ll get it right the first time, you have our word.

Here’s what one of customers said about their move to British Engineering Services:

“At Poundland we were looking for a reliable, cost effective and straightforward service, with good levels of communication to ensure a programme of inspections that fitted well with operational requirements across a large portfolio of retail and distribution sites. The transition to British Engineering Services’ bespoke booking approach was excellent and the service has run smoothly since the start” Andrew Warren – Poundland (Nov 2018).

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