The essential guide to fulfilling your PUWER inspection duties


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Each year, work accidents cost lives and result in hundreds of thousands of injuries. The HSE’s statistics show that many of these incidents involve the use of work equipment.

With the rise in the number and severity of prosecutions - both against businesses and senior management - can you afford to be non-compliant?

Our eBook provides you with the essential information you need to understand your PUWER inspection duties (including common areas of uncertainty) and help you stay on the right side of the law. It also covers the practical consequences of failing to comply and takes you through the courts' current approach to health & safety failings.

The guide includes:

  • The legal and business perils of ignoring your duties
  • Your duties under PUWER, including:
    • hardware and software requirements
    • what competence means in practice
    • an at-a-glance-guide for inspection frequencies and levels of competence required 
  • How the courts now determine fines and prison sentences

To start making improvements to your PUWER inspections management, simply fill in the form to receive the guide.

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