Our Acturis presence just got even better with the launch of ‘Mini Trade’

We got off to a flying start when we launched our products on Acturis last year and things have gone from strength to strength ever since.
We’re focused on the needs of our broker partners. Enhancing our eTrading offering was something we knew would be well received all round, and it really has been.  We’ve been able to make our services even easier to access for Acturis users, returning quotes quickly and efficiently and taking care of so much of the necessary administration in one central place.

As the first (and only) company to have engineering inspection products listed on this platform, we’ve really set the benchmark high and we’re not about to stop there.  Earlier this year we were delighted to share that we had built on our Acturis functionality even further, giving users the ability to renew their machinery and equipment inspection services via the online tool.

The feedback we’ve received from our partners since going live has been extremely positive and we’ve continued to develop our inspection offerings as a result.

Specialist schemes for smaller businesses

Making sure everyone gets home safe is our priority and we love working with businesses that take risk as seriously as we do.  We know that a one size fits all approach simply isn’t what’s best for brokers and their clients and we tailor our approach to the end user with this in mind.

For small businesses, such as car motor garages and farms, for example, we know offering a set price based on a fixed number of assets (or pieces of machinery/ equipment needing to be inspected) makes things even easier. Our new ‘Mini Trade’ product offers this very approach for companies of this nature and can be accessed quickly and easy via Acturis.

We’ve initially launched four different variants and look forward to working with our broker partners to introduce even more in the coming months.

“With Acturis being such a key tool for so many of our broker partners, we are always looking at ways to enhance our proposition via this platform.  The first year of our partnership has been really successful and we look forward to even more of the same as we continue to invest and add new products to our engineering inspection offering online,” said Gareth Hilton, Chief Commercial Officer.

Machinery and equipment inspections are much more than a nice to have and simply can’t be left to chance.  When something goes wrong, it can really go wrong. At British Engineering Services we really know our stuff.  Our team of experts know everything there is to know about the relevant legislation, helping keep our customers and their people safe and their business operational and compliant.

Read more about our Mini Trade offering and how this can work for your clients here (Mini Motor) and here (Mini Farm) (or email etrading@briteng.co.ouk for more information.

Leave nothing to chance with British Engineering Services.