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Three is a magic number

1st November 2015 saw the official introduction of British Engineering Services and the start of our journey as a stand-alone business.  Every year, as we mark another 12 months of our company, we take the time to celebrate our people and reflect on some of the fantastic things we’ve achieved since we were formed.  

And this year was no different with a number of people from around the British Engineering Services Group recognised for helping us become the fantastic business that we are over the last three years.  Mick Milne, Engineer Surveyor, took much of the days focus as the winner of the prestigious Longridge Award.  Stewart Kay, Group CEO, introduced the accolade on our first anniversary as a way of paying tribute to someone very special – someone who is a true reflection of our company values, is loyal, honest and hardworking and, quite simply, a fantastic role model.

“Mick was an obvious choice for the 2018 Longridge Award.  His attitude to hard work and his commitment and dedication to our customers and our company is outstanding and we’re extremely proud of everything he does for British Engineering Services,” said Stewart.

Mick follows Andy Kidd, Chief Engineer, who took home the prize last year, and Paul Forrester, Technical Manager, Machinery, the year before.  All three are passionate advocates of both our business and the wider Testing, Inspections and Certification industry, deserving winners of our Longridge Award and all round brilliant members of the British Engineering Services team. 

Mick Milne

For more information about working for our fantastic company, visit our careers page here.

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Written by Emma Rimmer

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