Posted by Emma Rimmer on 24-Apr-2018 08:59:17

Our busiest CTP Recruitment fair yet!

Lianne Turley, Recruitment Advisor, continues to travel around the county to fly the British Engineering Services flag at recruitment events hosted by the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP).  Newmark was the home of the latest event and Lianne took pride of place in front of the company stand alongside colleagues Rob Lawrence - Unit Leader and Andy Kidd, our Chief Engineer.

 “This was the busiest CTP recruitment fair I’ve attended yet.  We met loads of great people really interested in learning more about our company and we’re really excited to see some of them join our brilliant team,” said Lianne.

The CTP is dedicated to supporting those leaving the armed services as they make the transition to a none military way of life and career.  British Engineering Services is delighted to support these events and has had made a number of great recruits via this route.

 Along with attending the next CTP event in Edinburgh on 10th May, Lianne will be taking part in her second live CTP hosted web-ex chats on 8th May from 12-2pm where callers can learn more about working for British Engineering Services and what the ideal candidate looks like.  Lianne will be joined by a number of leaders from around the company, who also started their career in the military.  For more information about joining the chat, please go to

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Written by Emma Rimmer

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