Posted by Emma Rimmer on 08-Nov-2017 15:07:57

Celebrating Two Years of British Engineering Services

November 1st, 2017 marked our second anniversary as an independent company and another fantastic milestone for British Engineering Services.  “Our second year as a stand-alone business has been just as exciting as the first.  We’ve brought in some brilliant people and done some great things to ensure we’re providing our customers with the very best service,” said Stewart Kay, Group CEO.

And another year as British Engineering Services brings with it another Longridge Award winner…

The Longridge Award was introduced last year to help mark our first anniversary.  2016 saw Paul Forrester, Technical Manager, walk away with the award, which recognises one of our finest for their outstanding contributions to the business, for living and breathing our values and for consistently reflecting everything we are as a company.  Long server Paul, who is well known both internally and externally for everything he has done to progress both British Engineering Services and our industry, was an obvious choice to be the first winner of this accolade.

Following in Paul’s footsteps, Andy Kidd, Chief Engineer, was awarded the 2017 Longridge Award during our anniversary celebrations last week.  Andy, another long server and a fantastic advocate of our brand was both surprised and delighted to be recognised in this way.   “It’s not often I’m lost for words, but this took me completely by surprise.  I truly believe we have a fantastic place to work and a fantastic team of people,” he said.

“Andy is a truly deserving Longridge Award winner.  He is dedicated to our company and always looking for innovative ways to improve things.  He’s extremely positive and embraces change as we continue to move forward as a business,” said Group HR Director Hannah Mather.

As we begin our third year as British Engineering Services, we count ourselves lucky to have the expertise and skills passed down from a heritage dating back to the 1800’s and the fresh and innovative approach of a new business.  Quite simply, the best of both worlds.

Below: Andy Kidd, Chief Engineer, was handed our prestigious Longridge Award during our second birthday celebrations last week.

andy kidd birthday2.jpg

Written by Emma Rimmer

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