Materials Testing

Material testing

Assisting asset integrity management and approval of permanent joining procedures

Effective asset integrity management ensures that plant and equipment are operated and maintained in such a way that the risks of malfunction and subsequent harm are reduced as low as reasonably possible. Material testing (which covers mechanical and non-destructive testing) plays a crucial role in managing risk and enhancing the performance and reliability of your equipment.

To complement our materials testing services we can also certify welders and weld procedures to both European and American standards in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

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mechanical and non-destructive testing (NDT) services

How we help you

At British Engineering Services we provide the full spectrum of mechanical and non-destructive testing (NDT) services to the highest of professional standards and with the latest technologies. We have a team of highly qualified Engineers, a UKAS accredited laboratory and are a Corporate Member of the British Institute of NDT. We can work with your company to utilise the correct testing techniques that ensure safety and compliance while reducing shutdowns and maximising production and asset value.

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Non-destructive testing (NDT)


NDT is used to identify and evaluate the condition of plant and equipment without causing damage. NDT can assist with safe and efficient asset management by identifying damages or irregularities in materials that could affect integrity or reliability and the most appropriate repair criteria.

When used correctly, NDT techniques can be a very powerful tool that can prevent catastrophic failure, improve product reliability and maximise production and profits. However, in order to be successful, it requires an in-depth understanding of the various methods available, their capabilities & limitations and knowledge of the relevant standards & specifications for performing tests. Our Engineers are highly qualified and trained to conduct the full range of the NDT testing services, incorporating the latest technologies when required.

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Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing

Mechanical testing examines whether a material, or a part, is suitable for its intended purpose by measuring aspects such as hardness, tensile strength, elasticity, fracture toughness and stress rupture, amongst others. Mechanical testing is usually carried out to produce data that could then be used in the design process of equipment. This data is absolutely essential, especially when manufacturing equipment, as it reveals the limit values that a structure or a material can withstand without failure. Our comprehensive range of mechanical testing techniques can help you ensure safety and compliance.

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Our team of highly experienced and qualified Engineers cover the full range of engineering services and offer access to latest technological innovations, along with dedicated ongoing advice and support.

InspectionAll plant and equipment regulations

All plant and equipment regulations
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Testing Mechanical testing and NDT

 Mechanical testing and NDT
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Unrivalled certification and notified body services
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Maximising safety and efficiency together
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