Leading the way with our specialist tanker services

As an exhibitor at UKIFDA Expo, the leading event for the liquid fuels distribution industry in the UK and Ireland, we’re excited to share more about our specialist tanker services.  We’ve gone from strength to strength in this area since we welcomed UK Road Tanker Inspections (UK RTI) to the Group in 2019.  Combined, our skills, expertise and ways of working are industry leading. Our customers get access to the very best end-to-end service no matter what stage in its lifecycle their tanker is.

From new to fully utilised tankers, we know everything there is to know about your road tankers.  We help keep you and your business safe and legally compliant and we do it around the needs of your business too.

For our customers needing ‘in service’ periodic inspections, we manage the complete process from start to finish.  From reminding you that an inspection is due and preparing your tanker ahead of its examination to sending out electronic inspections reports once completed, we take the pressure so that you don’t have to.

UK RTI was the first company in the UK to offer gas testing and this quickly became our tried and tested ‘go to’ method.  This approach helps save our customers time, money and resources when compared to water-based inspections, without any impact on the quality of services.

If you’re building new tankers, we can support you with that too. Right from the very start, our specialist engineers can work with you to verify your designs as ‘fit for purpose’.  And if you’re almost ready to put your tanker on the road, we can witness your new build inspection.  Whatever you need, we’ve got it covered.

With our mobile testing functionality and a team spread across the UK, we can service the needs of our customers, regardless of where you’re located.  And even better, we’re Type A and Type C accredited which means we can complete the full range of exceptional checks, from minor to major repairs – giving you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your tankers.

For more information, email info@briteng.co.uk