Embracing technology for the very best customer experience

We’ve really set the benchmark high when it comes to our ways of working.  Our innovative and forward-thinking approach means we’re always working hard to develop the most effective and efficient ways of supporting our customers.

From our double award-winning way of planning your inspections to making sure you’ve got all of the information about your machinery and equipment examinations that you need, we’ve got it covered.

Introducing our all-new Engineer Surveyor App

To make sure our Engineer Surveyors have everything they need to always give you the very best service, with no compromise ever, we recently launched a new App.  The tool makes it even easier for our people to access what they need (from customer specific requirements to ordering new kit and equipment) in just a few clicks.

With the very latest and most sophisticated Geo Location technology, our App helps make sure we can find the machinery we need to inspect even quicker than ever before.  Armed with this information, our Engineer Surveyors need less assistance on site and can be in and out with little disruption to your business.

Not only that, but our detailed photo library also means we can capture our findings with an image, in real time, giving our customers access to the most thorough audit trail.  Our new App is just one of the ways we make sure you get the very best service from the leading independent testing, inspection and certification company during your partnership with us at the British Engineering Services Group.

For more information about our new Engineer Surveyor App, get in touch by emailing info@briteng.co.uk, we’d love to tell you more or give you a demo.

Our tried and tested ways of working help keep your people safe and your business legally compliant, it’s that simple.

For more information about our approach to planning your inspections, watch our short, animated video here.

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Last, but not least, for more about eReport and the very best, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant reporting tool, watch the third and final of short, animated ways of working videos here.

If you take risk seriously, there’s no other choice.  Leave nothing to chance with the British Engineering Services Group.