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A guide for duty-holders

Electrical faults don’t just cost lives. They can cost businesses too.

As a duty holder, you have a number of legal responsibilities to prevent danger arising from electrical systems and work activities on or near them. One of these responsibilities is to maintain electrical systems to prevent danger, of which regular electrical inspection and testing play a key part. 

In this guide we cover everything that duty holders need to be aware of in relation to electrical inspections, including:

  • Your legal obligations in respect of electrical inspection and testing
  • The serious consequences you face for failure to comply with your duties
  • Defending a prosecution or claim: what you need to demonstrate
  • Who should carry out your inspections and testing
  • What should be included in your report
  • How quickly you need to carry out repairs; and
  • The importance of properly documenting your electrical safety processes.

By the end of this guide you should know the steps you need to take to not only fulfil your legal duties, but to do with the minimum disruption to your business.

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