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Who we work with is everything to us, our relationships with our customers really matter.  We love working with people who think like we do. We want to inspire everyone to see how important the safety of their staff, themselves and anyone around them is and we’re doing a great job.

British Engineering Services provides a whole host of technical support for West Lothian Council, including their essential electrical inspections.  The council includes more than 400 locations such as schools, community centres, council depots, tenanted properties, sports centres, nursing homes, cemeteries, multi-use locations, police stations, courts, office space and family centres. 

The challenge

As with all our council partners, not only is the work spread across many locations, but more often than not, the sites are fully occupied.  This, coupled with restricted access, can cause some challenges when it comes to carrying out electrical wiring examinations.  

Planning is key to managing these complexities.  We work hard to make sure we’re working to all deadlines and inspections are completed on time, every time.  

The solution

Requirements are outlined in a programme of works which means we can plan all inspections to take place before they’re due.  Keeping people safe and machinery and equipment productive at all times.  

When it comes to electrical inspections, we take the time to review all previous reports in advance so that we know about any access or other issues.  We then discuss these with the relevant people when booking inspections to make sure we have full access to everything we need and can give our customer a full and thorough suite of examinations.  To make sure our process meets the needs of everyone involved, we agree any client specific requirements at the start of the contract, ensuring anything we might need to discuss further is escalated to the right people, at the right time.

Transparency is important to us and we make sure everyone specified has full access to their inspection reports whenever and wherever.  On top of that, we hold regular meetings with the relevant people, where any upcoming events are also discussed.  By doing this, we are able to plan around any maintenance and refurb work, for example, and minimise downtime.  

Effective and direct communication with building managers/occupiers is integral to the services we provide. Due to the nature of the premises we service for the council, safety and security is key.   Everything we do is in line council’s instructions and planned sensitively around the environment in which they are conducted. ​

There is no doubt that our team of Engineer Surveyors is the very best.  We’ve set the benchmark high when it comes to training our people and this is reflected in their technical knowledge, quality of examinations and their attitude to always meeting our customer’s needs.  Where needed, our Engineer Surveyors are quick to act to changes in the inspection requirements and we’re able to focus resource exactly where it’s needed.​

We’re proud of our accreditations.  We do much more than tick every box which means one less thing for our partners to worry about.  ​

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