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Who we work with is everything to us, our relationships with our customers really matter.  We love working with people who think like we do. We want to inspire everyone to see how important the safety of their staff, themselves and anyone around them is and we’re doing a great job.


Tata Steel

Tata Steel and British Engineering Services go way back.  We’ve partnered with the huge company in one way, shape or form for more than 40 years, keeping their plant and machinery safe and compliant through a number of significant transitions.   In the UK, Tata operates from a number of large sites, with most of their activities taking place at their huge Port Talbot location in Wales.  The size and complexity of the operation requires a bespoke way of working and we’re delighted to have met their needs for many years.

The challenge

Working alongside Tata to keep their extensive work equipment safe and their operation productive is something we’ve always taken seriously.    From pressure vessels, tanks and piping to  protective devices containing various fluids, keeping the company compliant and their people safe is the priority when it comes to our partnership with Tata Steel.

Our solution

To meet our customers needs, a number of our highly trained and skilled engineer surveyors are permanently located at the Port Talbot site, working alongside the Tata team to help keep the operation doing what it does best. In addition, our team of technical experts are on hand to provide additional support and guidance when it comes to safety and compliance.


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