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We were delighted to be chosen by Poundland as their engineering inspections provider in 2018. With more than 850 stores spread across the UK and Republic of Ireland, the well-known retailer has thousands of items used for handling material, including many fork lift trucks, and hundreds and hundreds of lifts. On top of this, the four distribution centres operate a vast range of heavy plant and equipment as they work to keep their stores stocked and their business running smoothly.

The challenge

We love working with a huge customer base and have been partnering with retailers of all shapes and sizes for many years. As a chain that has as many stores Poundland, is open seven days a week and has a steady stream of customers, our industry leading approach to planning and reporting is exactly what’s needed to help keep the business and their people and customers out of harm’s way.

Our solution

We pride ourselves on working around the needs of our customers. Avoiding disruption and making sure things continue to work smoothly is key for most public facing businesses. At Poundland, this means making sure plant and equipment is safe and fit for purpose at all times and that any inspections that need to be completed in customer facing areas are done so around the requirements of the business. Using our bespoke inspection booking system, we’re able to manage this effectively, providing a long-range schedule of inspections and examining outside normal business hours where needed.

With a focus on safety at all times, the Poundland team are kept up to date using our detailed eReporting tool. They keep an eye on store trends, making sure plant is always made available for inspection by our engineer surveyors and any follow actions are completed quickly. In fact, we produce more than 400 reports a month for this risk conscious company.

“At Poundland we were looking for a reliable, cost effective and straightforward service, with good levels of communication to ensure a programme of inspections that fitted well with operational requirements across a large portfolio of retail and distribution sites. The transition to British Engineering Services’ bespoke booking approach was excellent and the service has run smoothly since the start”

Andrew Warren – Poundland (Nov 2018)

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