Posted by Stuart Downing on 03-Nov-2017 12:01:57

Self-test your electrical inspection and testing compliance knowledge (FREE QUIZ)


As a duty holder you have a number of legal responsibilities to prevent danger arising from electrical systems and work activities on or near them. An essential part of achieving this is fully understanding your electrical inspection and testing obligations. 

We often come across companies that have gaps in their knowledge on certain aspects of electrical system compliance and that also struggle to get on top of all the different rules and regulations in relation to the specific equipment or installation they have. This often poses serious risks to safety, exposing them to non-compliance and potential accidents, failures and fires.

To help you better understand the level of knowledge you hold when it comes to electrical inspections and testing, we've put together this quick and fun ten-question quiz. Take the quiz now and find out how much you know. Why not even make it a competition with the rest of your team and see who knows more? 

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Stuart Downing

Written by Stuart Downing