An update from Gareth, our Chief Commercial Officer

With Q2 now well under way, we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some of the things we’ve been working on and the fantastic progress we’ve made across the Group already in 2021.
Despite the start of the year seeing us navigate the challenges of another national ‘lockdown’, we’ve been busier than ever.  The work we do is essential to the safety of industries across the whole of the UK and Ireland.  We are extremely proud to have continued to help make Britain and Ireland a safer place throughout 2020 and the first few months of 2021, with no compromise to our service whatsoever and that will never change.

We’re delighted to be supporting more and more companies with their testing, inspection and certification needs.  Over the last few months alone we’ve seen The Co-Operative Group, Jaguar Land Rover, Spie, Network Homes, the Sue Ryder charity and Siemens LID partner with the British Engineering Services Group – and the list goes on.  It’s fantastic to see so many businesses taking risk as seriously as we do.

Our ways of working

Our people and our customers come before everything else.  We’re always investing in our industry-leading team to make sure we have everything we need to deliver the very best service for our customers.  Earlier this year we launched a new App for our Engineer Surveyors, giving them even quicker access to some of the tools they need to complete their inspections.  And it doesn’t stop there.  The App gives our customers a number of additional benefits too including the most in depth audit trail of our examinations via an image repository.

On top of this, we’re doing great things with customer data.  Our detailed approach helps track trends, highlight changes, identify issues and show improvements.  This continues to be a really useful way of monitoring customer attitude to risk and assess where changes need to be made, for example.  The feedback from our customers on this front is extremely positive.  It’s great to see just how the additional support we provide really makes a difference.

Our people

Last year alone, our team grew significantly with more than 80 new starters joining us.  Our recruitment plans for this year are even bigger again as we continue to focus on making sure we have the right number of the very best people to give our customers what they need and support our ongoing growth.

Our training programme is really benefiting from the launch of our standalone, internal training facility in December last year.  It’s brilliant to see our new starters get the very best, hands on training experience in a single location of our own.  We’re already starting to see the benefits with our newest colleagues completing our industry-leading training more efficiently than ever before.

For our customers and broker partners, this means we will always be able to meet their needs as we continue to grow and support more and more businesses.  Deploying the most skilled professionals to complete the very best inspections is just what we do and our training centre launch means we’ll be able to do this quicker than ever before as we work to satisfy increasing demand for our services.

Growth by acquisition

We’ve also grown our business and our team by acquisition over the last few months.  AWL Inspection and NDT Services is the most recent company to join the British Engineering Services Group.  The North East based company was an obvious choice and already shares many similarities with the wider Group, including a customer focused approach and a people orientated culture.  AWL follows the acquisitions of PCMS Eng and Lantei at the end of last year.  Growing our business in this way really stands us above others in our industry as we continue to make sure we can offer our customers services we know they’d benefit from, but we haven’t previously been able to provide.

The rest of the year is set to be just as exciting and action packed as the last few months have.  Our priority will always be on helping make sure our customers leave nothing to chance and we’ll continue to enhance our ways of working and grow our team as we focus on doing just that.

For more information about working with the British Engineering Services Group, just get in touch by emailing