Boiler inspection and 5 year NDT preparation checklist


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How abortive NDT test visit costs quickly spiral and how to avoid them

Boilers are subject to regular statutory inspections and testing, with non-destructive testing (NDT) required every 5 years.

Those managing boilers must ensure that any preparatory work required by the WSE is completed. However, in our experience, 5% of NDT visits have to be aborted due to inadequate preparation and a staggering 75% require further preparation during the NDT visit.

Failing to carry out the correct preparation required under the SAFed guidelines prior to an NDT boiler examination can be an extremely costly mistake.

We’ve put together this guide, which covers:

  • How costs can unexpectedly escalate
  • 3 common ways boiler inspection preparation time is underestimated
  • Easy-to-follow advice with visuals on how to prepare for your NDT boiler visit

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