We’re growing and we think it could really benefit you…

With a flurry of acquisitive activity over the last few months across the British Engineering Services Group, we’re delighted to have expanded our services in line with our customer needs.

From enhancing our geographical spread of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Engineers to adding new offerings we know our customers will really benefit from, we’ve got it covered.

When it comes to the safety of your machinery and equipment, we really know our stuff.  Right from helping verify designs during the very early manufacturing stages to pro longing the life of your equipment once in service, our team of experts know everything there is to know to help keep you and your people safe and your business legally compliant.

Helping you guarantee the reliability of your machinery

Welcoming PCMS Eng to the Group in Dec 2020 has helped us move further into the world of machinery and equipment reliability.  Our specialist approach to monitoring your plant helps identify inefficiencies and irregularities, meaning potential issues can be resolved before they even become a problem.  As a result, unnecessary (sometimes lengthy and often costly) downtime is kept to a minimum.  Read more about how we can help you save money and hit production timescales with our Condition Based Maintenance services here.

On top of that, at our oil testing labs we can help test and monitor the health of your machinery lubricant.  This is another advanced solution for helping keep your equipment up and running for longer and as efficiently as possible. Read more about how our oil testing labs can help you, with no fuss or complex planning, here.

Strengthening our industry-leading electrical testing capabilities

Adding Lantei to the Group at the end of 2020 has really helped strengthen our existing electrical capabilities while also adding some new services for our customers, including Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.  Visit the Lantei website for more information, here.

Electrical inspections continue to be one of the key services we offer. With an enhanced team of experts, we make sure we can always meet your needs as we continue to grow and support more and more businesses, with no compromise ever.

An additional NDT facility in the Northeast

We’ve really set the benchmark high with our team of NDT experts.  The acquisition of AWL Inspection and NDT Services in May 2021 has added even more specialist engineers to our industry-leading team.  Not only do we now have an enhanced geographical spread of NDT Engineers, but we also have standalone testing facilities in both the Northwest and the Northeast.

Read more about AWL here.

Leave nothing to chance

Everything we do has been tried and tested across the British Engineering Services Group.  And we’re independent, which means we’re not distracted by other business priorities – helping make sure you leave nothing to chance is our priority and that will never change.  Simple.

For more information about our recent acquisitions, click here.